Welcome to the presentation of ELEKTRO CZ limited liability company                                                                     

We are offering manufacture of industrial automation switch-boards. Naturally, we provide project documentation. We also offer manufacture of switch-boards according to provided switch-board documentation. We deal with authorized project documentation – piece or typal examination including audit report.

When manufacturing switch-boards, we use steel plate, stainless steel or plastic. Surfacing is done with powder technology in various RAL shades according to the order. Those products come in useful in power and mechanical engineering and other various industries, also in the private sector.

The manufacture of switch-boards runs precisely according to the fixed demands of the customer. We dispose of our own modern places with well-experienced workers. You can find our company on following address: V Cihelně 921, Rosice - 665 01. Should you have any questions regarding our company, do not hesitate to contact us.

Personal agency

A part of our company is a personal agency finding jobs within the whole EU.

ELEKTRO CZ s. r. o.

Říčanská 1158
665 01 Rosice
Česká republika
+420 603 241 060
+420 603 481 584
+420 773 648 082
+420 774 400 404
01.07.2011 | Career

Currently we recruit high-quality electro workers. Call us at +420 603 241 060, or send us your CV to  info@elektrocz.eu.

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